Two Interjet Pilots Suggest Dropping a Bomb on Thousands of AMLO’s Followers

Mexico — On Sunday September 16, two Interjet airline pilots, Ximena García and Gabriela Garcia Garza, published in their social networks that a bomb should fall on Mexico’s City Downtown Zócalo on Independence Day national celebrations, to which another pilot from the same airline replied, “I support you.”

"A bomb should be drop in the plaza ... it would do us all a favor," Ximena Garcia said on twitter followed by Gabriela Garcia Garza, “I support you.” Then Ximena said, “We always support each other.”

Immediately, the tweet went viral and people began to condemn the statement and ask the airline to do a psychological evaluation of the Pilots and to remove them from operating an aircraft.

Within a few hours two hastags were trending on twitter: #interjet and #ladybomba

The airline regretted the comments of only one of its pilot employees, Ximena Garcia — which called her a collaborator — on a press release statement:

"Interjet regrets the unacceptable publication on social networks attributed to one of its collaborators," says the airline’s statement.

Many future passengers show concern about using Interject airline for their trips and worried about something happening to them while in flight. Others complained online that the statement from the airline was weak and does not explain if the pilots are still currently flying.

A later statement from the airline said to be conducting an internal investigation of the situation “and rejectes any manifestation of violence,” but did not mention if the pilots were put on leave or fired.

This is not the first time that pilots become a threat to passengers. On March 24, 2015, a german arline co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, intencionally crashed at 100 km (62 mi; 54 nmi) north-west of Nice in the French Alps. All 144 passengers and six crew members were killed.

By the next day, the pilots' hate speech gained followers, including one more female ariline worker, who joined the same terrorist plot rhetoric.

This third pilot from Aeromexico airline joined the conversation and offered more ways to killed people, including the President. In respond to the bomb comment, she said the following on her Facebook account:

“She thought about a bomb, many of us have thought about a sniper or poison, whatever it takes to get rid of the low class people. And this is not being a terrorist neither an assassin, this is a way out of the hole in which they are putting us. So stop crying like animals, low-class people!”

Others like Pedro Ethan Hunt, said that it will be wonderful if an airplane could end people.

At his daily press conference on Wednesday, journalists asked President AMLO his take on the pilots situation, “We are waiting for the airline internal investigation to find out what exactly happened, the [pilot] message was very strong and irrational, and we will tell you more when the information becomes available.”

AMLO didn’t mention if the government had or has any plans to open an investigation into the matter, or if they considere this a National security threat.

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