Trump Uses Mexico’s National Guard Graph to Take Credit for Himself On Migration Numbers

Trump takes credit for a grapth he tweeted that belongs to Mexico’s National Guard that shows migration drop of 75% at Mexico’s southern border.

Mexico’s exterior secretary Marcelo Ebrard visited the White House this week as a final meeting to present Donald Trump a graph showing the results of the Mexican National Guard at Mexico’s Southern border.

Last May, when Trump decided to put tariffs on Mexico with the condition that it should tackle the waves of migration caravans, little did Trump know that Mexico just had elected its first progressive president in 70 years, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or AMLO, had already started a plan to protect the southern Mexican border bofere Trump even asked.

When AMLO began his presidency in November 2018, he immediately asked Congress to approve the formation of a new National Guard which was approved in early 2019.

When Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs back in May, the National Guard was already being deployed at the Mexican southern border. Yet, AMLO, who has tremendous experience with running a government, knew that simply deploying the National Guard wasn’t going to be enough. AMLO decided to tackle the problem from it’s root. Therefore, an Integrated Development Plan for Central America to provide farming jobs was immediately put into place. An idea originally conceived by Lopez obrador.

As simple as this may sound, the plan was plan for months. It’s a very comprehensive plan supported by the United Nations and several NGOs.

Mexico immediately gave El Salvador $350 million dollars to implement an agriculture program called Sembrado Vida (cultivatong life) which puts money into farming and infrastructure programs. So far it has immediately generated 20 thousands permanent jobs in El Salvador, just in the month of July.

A total of 60 thousand full-time permanent jobs have been created for all three countries: El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

The reason why the progressive President AMLO was able to implement the program so fast and get results so successfuly, was because Mexico already had the know-how and the technology available, in that Lopez obrador had already implemented a similar program in the south-east of Mexico few months previous to that.

The Progressive president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, thanked AMLO and recognized that what Mexico did in one day, it would have taken El Salvador one year: to provide 20K full time permanent jobs.

The program’s success is different from the typical financial aid that countries give to other developing countries. In that it utilizes direct financial aid, integrated with a team of Mexican Agriculture experts and business specialist. The Mexican team traveled to El Salvador to make sure the founds were allocated correctly and done expediently. The same process has been conducted in Honduras and Guatemala.

Fastfoward 3 months later, Mexico’s exterior secretary, Ebrard flew to Washigton D.C. this week to met with Trump at the White House to show how the Mexican approach to the migration crisis is more efficient and humane.

Trump’s teem had something else in mind, and that was to convert Mexico in a 3rd safe country and force them to continue to take more migrants. In a very astute maneuver, Mexico’s exterior secretary Marcelo Ebrard interjected a graph to Trump showing him the decrease in migration, to which can help Trump’s image and campaign rhetoric.

What’s surprising to Mexicans, was to see Trump giving credit to the U.S. border patrol which has nothing to do with the chart since those numbers were from the south border of Mexico.

In the Tweet Trump doesn’t even mention or gives credit to the Mexican National Guard, neither to Mexico’s president AMLO, and most importantly, doesnt even recognizes the amazing results AMLO’s Integrated development Plan for Central America has resulted in.

On the other hand, the plan has already been recognized by countries of the G20, when Marcelo Ebrard represent it to leaders last month. The Mexican approach demostrates that the global migrant crisis can be handle in a humane way and with very little financial resources.

A plan that has created a blue print for countries to imitate on how to go about migration worldwide.

Even though the G20 Nations recognized Mexico’s Development plan, neither of them has invest on Central America’s development, yet. Last May, Trump promised to give Mexico two billion dollars to help Central America, and so far continues to be a promise since not a single penny has arrived since then. In a sence, even more credit to Mexico, and zero to Trump.



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